Freeview Recording

Options for Recording Freeview

There are a few options available for recording Freeview programmes.

  1. Using an Analogue VCR
  2. Using a DVD Recorder
  3. Using a PVR
  4. Using a PC Capture Card

Using an Analogue VCR

Many freeview receivers have 2 SCART sockets. You connect one to your TV and the other to your VCR. You can then record Freeview programs onto your VCR.

The drawbacks of this are:

1. You are recording in VCR quality, not the original digital quality of the broadcast. Your picture will look a lot worse when you view a recorded program compared to the original.

2. To record something when you are not there, you need to program 2 timers - one on the Freeview receiver and one on the VCR.

3. You cannot watch a Freeview channel and record another one.

Using a DVD Recorder

Many DVD recorders do not have built in Freeview receivers. These will have the second and third drawbacks of using a VCR. Also the quality will be poorer (not as bacd as a VCR) since the signal is decoded to analogue by your freeview receiver, then encoded back to digital in the DVD recorder.

DVD recorders with built in Freeview tuners are available and are a much better choice for making permanent recordings of programmes from Freeview. Some have twin tuners, allowing you to watch one Freeview channel and record another one.

Using a PVR

A PVR is a receiver containing a hard disk drive. You can record programmes onto the hard drive and watch them later. Hard disks have a limited size - you'll be able to get more onto a larger hard drive.

Using a PC Capture Card

Capture cards are available for PCs. These capture the Freeview programmes onto your PCs hard disk. They usually come with software that acts like a normal Freeview PVR. If you have a TV output on your PCs graphics cards you could even connect your PC to your TV for watching the recorded programmes.

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